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Schnitzel’s loves hosting events. Whether it be a small wedding, a wine-tasting, a group celebration, business meeting or something else, we’re up to the task. Still not sure if our venue is a good fit for your next event? You might find your answer in our FAQ section below. 

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Sending this form does not confirm your reservation. By sending us your request, you understand that you will need to review your information with our manager prior to your reservation being confirmed. A manage will contact you via phone or email within 72 hours (3 days). Please call us at 613-938-8844 if you have not heard from us within 72 hours (3 days).

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to book the private room?

The non-refundable reservation fee comes to a total of $70.00+ tax.

How many people fit in the room?

The room holds 50 people comfortably for a sit-down dinner. The standing only maximum for the room is 60 people.

Is there a minimum order when reserving the private room?

There is no minimum however any food or beverage must come from the restaurant.

What is included with the rental of the room?
  • Black and white linens on tables
  • Small candle center piece
  • All small wares: plates, cutlery, napkins, glassware
  • A/V equipment: Projector, projector screen, HDMI or VGA cable, podium, microphone
  • Server(s) specifically staffed for your event
Can we bring in a cake?

Yes. This is the only exception to the question above.

Can we decorate the room?

Yes! If you are interested in decorating for your event just ask me for the decoration policy. We do have a few rules about what is allowed.

How do we choose a menu?

It depends on the size of your party. These are the guidelines…

15 people or less: regular menu

20-25 people or less: condensed menu

Over 25 people: buffet

Why can’t we have the regular menu for large groups?
It is more efficient to offer a buffet for larger groups. This way everyone gets to eat at the same time instead of waiting for 40 plates to be delivered.
How do the buffets work?

It is not an all-you-can-eat buffet however there is always plenty for everyone and there is enough for seconds for those who are extra hungry.

It is very important that you have an accurate guest count when having the buffet and that you communicate the price per person to your guests. Any changes must be made at least 72 hours before the event. The person making the reservation will be responsible for covering the cost for guests who don’t show up unless sufficient notice can be given.

What about music?

We have a digital music service that we use for the restaurant with a variety of playlists. You can also create your own playlist on your iPod or mP3 player that we can connect to the stereo.

Our website is open for orders Tuesday to Saturday from 4pm—8pm.​ We look forward to serving you soon.